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Jason Myhre
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Eventide investors understand the fundamental question of investing, “What kind of companies do I want to own?” To better understand the kinds of companies you can own and specific ways they are working to create value for society, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders, check out the second company in our current Top 10* series:


Company Name: Ascendis Pharma
Weight: 3.97% of Eventide Gilead (#2 of top 10 holdings)
Theme: Pediatric and Orphan Diseases

Children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) experience a problem where their bodies do not produce enough growth hormone needed to grow to their full potential. This disorder is detected when they are just infants, as height/weight trajectories fall below normal ranges. The standard of care for GHD for over 30 years has been to supply children with recombinant (or man-made) growth hormone that is identical to that produced in the body. This allows PODschildren with GHD to reach their full potential stature. While effective, the treatment requires daily injections for as long as from infancy to puberty (roughly from age <1 to 17). Because of the pain of the injections and demanding daily schedule, two out of three patients miss more than one dose weekly. And predictably, missing doses is associated with children not reaching their full potential height. Ascendis Pharma is developing a novel way to make life better for these children and their parents. By linking the hormone to a safe organic polymer, they have found a way to extend the release of the hormone in the body, thereby changing the regime to only once weekly. This makes treatment much more manageable for families, and in early clinical outcomes, has also shown improved growth. (Ascendis Pharma is based in Denmark.)

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Posted May 7, 2019

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Jason Myhre

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