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Top 10 Series: Sage Therapeutics

Jason Myhre
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One company in our Top 10* series is seeking to beneficially address a huge problem: depression. Their story began in 2015 with the development of a therapy to treat women suffering from postpartum depression (PPD), and now they are seeking to identify treatment for depression of all kinds...


Company Name: Sage Therapeutics
Weight: 3.01% of Eventide Gilead (#7 of top 10 holdings)
Theme: Novel Neurology

Sage Therapeutics is seeking to beneficially address a huge problem: depression. Their story began in 2015 with the development of a therapy to treat women suffering from postpartum depression (PPD). During pregnancy, women have very high levels of allopregnanolone, a Novel Neurologynaturally occurring steroid in the body. The high levels of this steroid may contribute to oft-remarked ‘glow’ of expectant mothers, as it has a central nervous system effect of feeling happy. At birth, the levels of this steroid crash, which results in about one in four women experiencing some form of PPD (colloquially, ‘the baby blues’). Sage developed a treatment for PPD that intravenously delivers back this steroid with a more gradual taper, thereby alleviating the depression.

Since then, Sage has embarked on drug discovery to find a way to treat depression more broadly. By studying the way the PPD treatment worked, and how it binds to neurological receptors, Sage has found a small molecule which can be taken orally that uses the same mechanism of action with the same potential therapeutic benefit – but for depression of all kinds. Their new treatment is in clinical development. If successful, it would be the first major innovation in the treatment of depression since the 1990s. (Sage Therapeutics is based in Cambridge, MA.)

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Posted June 14, 2019

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