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Jason Myhre
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E-commerce has exploded in the past decade. Consider the challenges of delivery for businesses: packages big and small, of all shapes, originating everywhere and destined everywhere, must traverse the country rapidly and efficiently. With a special focus on serving customers and employees, the final company in our Top 10* series is solving this shipping problem...


Company Name: XPO Logistics
Weight: 2.54% of Eventide Gilead (#10 of top 10 holdings)
Theme: Supply Chain Efficiency

Online shopping defines commerce today. With the click of a button, goods magically arrive to our homes within days, sometimes hours. But consider the challenges of delivery for businesses: packages big and small, of all shapes, originating everywhere and destined everywhere, must traverse the country rapidly and efficiently. Supply Chain EfficiencyFor businesses, shipping is a huge math problem akin to the video game Tetris, clearing blocks of various shapes and sizes around the country. XPO Logistics is a technology company disguised as a shipping company. They have built a sophisticated shipping logistics technology platform to modernize the shipping industry in this age of internet shopping. Businesses today partner with XPO to solve the shipping equation and delight customers. XPO is also making trucking more professional. On the employee side, they’ve created many career advancement opportunities, such as for dock workers to become drivers. On the customer side, they focus on service, such as ‘last mile delivery’ to customer homes where professionalism is paramount. More than simply delivering goods – through their next-level shipping logistics technology platform and service ethic inside and out, XPO is delivering value. (XPO Logistics is based in Greenwich, CT.)

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Posted July 8, 2019

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Jason Myhre
Jason Myhre

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